Posted by: Alastair Rosie | December 15, 2013

Publishing Paradigm Shift. What Is Better: Amazon KDP Select or Broad Distribution?

Very timely words of advice for us indie authors, “author beware.”

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Amazon KDP Select (KDPS) or broad distribution through multiple channels – in other words, to be or not to be. For me, it was a cause of much vacillation for the past year.

Finally, I have happily parted ways with #KDPSelect, not planning to ever return, barring some sort of massive revamping of their system. My books are back to #BN and #Smashwords, and slowly but surely they are also posting on #Kobo, #Sony and #Apple as well. I am also making both CATHARSIS and GREEN DESERT free everywhere, to celebrate this joyous occasion! See My books at a glance + buy links. A separate post is coming soon with direct links to Kobo, BN and Sony. There will be freebies too, so watch for them!


So why am I celebrating?

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