Posted by: Alastair Rosie | May 31, 2014

The Grey Raven site on WordPress

When her stepmother’s plane vanished over the Gulf of Mexico in 2003, Samantha’s world was thrown into turmoil. Her entire world revolved around this vivacious, sophisticated and well educated woman. However with Cat’s mysterious disappearance another door opened when she and her father relocated to Chicago at the invitation of billionaire House of McIvor CEO, Elizabeth McIvor, where she first encountered the mysterious Clan Grey Raven. As she grew to maturity, Samantha came to suspect that the official account of the accident was mere window dressing to cover a deep and mysterious world. When she was finally reunited with Cat in Scotland she learned the startling truth about Clan Grey Raven, Cat’s true identity and the part that Cat and the Grey Ravens played in Scotland’s First War of Independence in 1297. 

Some people will always love. 
Some people never lose hope. 
Some people never die…


Angel of Mercy will be released at the end of June, date to be announced.



  1. […] I was set to write another blog post to promote Angel of Mercy. It’s a task I’ve been trying to start for the last few days but each time I open up a blank […]

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