Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 4, 2014

How Do I adopt a Vampire?

In order to survive undetected, vampires are forced to ‘adopt’ mortals on a regular basis who will swear on a stack of bibles that the woman in question is my daughter, sister, cousin or spouse. Contrary to popular belief, the relationship is a reciprocal agreement and while getting involved with a vampire might seem romantic, there are very practical benefits for mortals. A vampire son for example, will provide for his ‘parents’ financial well being, as well as bringing other fringe benefits to the relationship. The saying, money changes everything, is never more true than in this situation and thus vampires choose their families very carefully to avoid the chance of blackmail.
Recently I was invited by Dr. Catriona MacGregor’s parents, Iain and Margaret Ross, to discuss their relationship with a seven hundred year old vampire. Iain and Margaret live in Camelon, a few miles from Falkirk in Central Scotland and the meeting was arranged by Cat. Read More…


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