Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 7, 2014

The Vampire Doctor

Coming soon. Angel of Mercy, Book One of the Raven Chronicles

… It was when we were outside our hotel that she looked at me and outed herself. “Vampires aren’t what you think, Iain. If we were to go around biting people’s necks every night we would never have survived as a species. You’ve just travelled a few miles in a car with a vampire and I can assure you that I would never think of biting you or anyone you knew, we’re not like that,” she looked at me and I mind that I had a chill going down my back.
“So, what are you going to do? Tell all your friends? I’m a doctor, it’s what I’ve been in one form or another for nearly seven hundred years. I fix people and when they die I’m the last one to hold their hand and tell them it’s not the end.”…
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