Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 15, 2014


DC Sean Ryan talks about his former role as a vampire enforcer.  Angel of Mercy will be released on July 1st

What does an enforcer do?
Sean: We keep the peace. The vampire world has its own police force, which has a paramilitary arm as well. Our job was to keep the peace at guilds and safe houses, track down rogue vampires and either bring them back to the guild or eliminate them, and of course we kept an eye out for the Frat boys. With the Frat boys we would stake out their hideouts and strike at a time when the chances of ordinary human witnesses and casualties was minimal. When you’re acting outside the law as we were, then you need to be extra careful. Humans tend to notice when a crew of armed gunmen start shooting. In the last few years we’ve seen something of a global ceasefire that tends to be broken sporadically on a local level. Many of the older Frat boys are dead or too old to be fighting and the younger members are more interested in acquiring vampire blood to sell on the underground sex market.
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