Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 16, 2014

I Nearly Had Another Heart Attack


It’s a familar scene — an old mansion, a mysterious figure in black, blood red eyes, and an exotic accent. However DS Tom McIntyre’s first encounter with a vampire was in A & E where he was undergoing an emergency procedure after a heart attack. But when the power inextricably failed, the tough sergeant found himself face to face with a vampire, trying desperately to save his life. “I nearly had another heart attack on the table.”

Born in Glasgow, 1960, Tom McIntyre was raised in the east end of Glasgow in the Gorbals and joined the police force in 1978 because as he put it over the phone, “if you couldn’t beat them you joined them.” Rising through the ranks to the level of Detective Sergeant, he had a colourful but successful career that was nearly cut short when he suffered a major heart attack twelve months ago at the age of 53. Whilst the medical staff were trying to revive him for the second time there was a power failure but the emergency generator failed to kick in, forcing the doctor to cut him open and pump his heart by hand. He came to and found himself face to face with a vampire. DS McIntyre is now a close friend of Dr. MacGregor. A few days ago I caught up with him at the home of Tabitha McLean. He only agreed to the interview on the proviso that he check the final draft before it went online. This is the edited version. Read More…


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