Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 21, 2014

Basic vampire survival

Considering the oppressive religious environment of the day, how did vampires live so openly alongside mortals?
Catriona: To answer that I suppose you’d have to talk about the basic tenets of the Grey Raven Protocols. We do not take blood from humans without their consent, although enemies are a different matter. We also work alongside mortals and try to better their lives. Our vampirism is always kept secret and away from prying eyes. To put it simply, we’re not out to drain mortals dry, it’s not the best idea if you want to survive. The concept of a vampire apocalypse where vampires turn mortals into a ready made food source flies in the face of common sense. There were gangs back then who did terrorise entire districts but they learned to their cost that such regimes were unsustainable. We fought these rogue gangs over the years and the Central Council tacitly ignored our actions because we were in effect taking out the garbage for them. On the outside they criticised us for turning on our own kind but privately they were more than happy to be rid of a gang of rogue vamps who would only endanger the entire race. Read more…


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