Posted by: Alastair Rosie | June 23, 2014

Angel of Mercy will be released on July 1st

…”You’re doing the interview,” she gives me one of those steely-eyed looks I’ve come to expect, “no argument.” Not from me but I’m wanting to know of her life before she became a vampire and Tabitha is quite happy to fill me in on the gory details and it was a messy business no matter which way you slice and dice it.
“Six men died the night the witch finder came for me,” she’s standing behind Jodie with a comb and for a moment as she stares into the mirror she looks as cold as ice.
“They put me in a witches bridle, it had four prongs that stuck into my mouth, two prongs held my tongue down and the other two were embedded in my cheeks so I couldn’t put a hex on them and then they suspended Iseabail with her arms behind her so that her shoulders were dislocated. They had already bound Siusaidh and made her watch as they pricked us both with a knife heated over the fire. They wanted to know the names of the other witches and to save us she gave them name after name after name. Some of them I’d never heard of but she told me later she just rattled off names to make them stop.”
She flicks the comb through Jodie’s hair as she continues her story… Read more…


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