Posted by: Alastair Rosie | July 10, 2014

The Raven Queens Unplugged

These interviews and articles are background material for The Chronicles of the Grey Raven. Book One, Angel of Mercy is now available on Smashwords and Amazon and Amazon UK

The last time my wife and I went to a concert it was when Bryan Adams played the O2 Arena. It was a memorable concert and my wife’s comment on the way back home, “we used to do a lot of music festivals,” had me searching online for other concerts. Nevertheless although I found a few good choices, the prices were out of reach and I had to content myself with the memory of thousands of people singing along to Please Forgive Me. It’s a memory I’ve kept to myself and hence I can say it’s pure coincidence that the fifth song The Raven Queens played out at Wolfcraig last week was Please Forgive Me.
To have been talking about The Raven Queens the other day and be sitting down with a mixed audience of vampires and humans was not so much coincidence as the result of a hurried conversation after my interview with Anna. Little did I suspect that Anna’s sister, Boudica or Hannah as she is called these days, had arrived in Edinburgh and was meeting with various vampire elders prior to Elizabeth McIvor’s arrival in Britain. The first I had any inkling something was in the wind was when Cat dropped into our house on the Thursday night, ostensibly to check that my wife was okay about her vampirism. My wife has only just met her first vampire, officially that is, and Cat was just doing a routine visit.
“We’re having a get together at Wolfcraig,” she sipped the coffee, “we can’t get all of the Raven Queens together but at least four of them, including myself will be there to put on an unplugged concert for the guests. Perhaps you’d like to come for the night, Sian can put you both in a room and seeing as you’re married… to each other… you can even share the same bed,” she smiled crookedly.

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When my stepmom’s plane went down a part of me died, Cat was my world. In her place she left us to her friends, the Grey Ravens. Over the years I slowly came to realise her death was a mere facade. When we were reunited I learned the truth about Clan Grey Raven and her remarkable history. Some people will always love. Some people never lose hope. Some people never die…SmashwordsAmazon.comAmazon UK


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