Posted by: Alastair Rosie | July 16, 2014

A Vampire Gathering Part One

If it was Jana who first invited me to a Vampire Gathering, it was Cat who pushed me through the doors, literally in my case. Admittedly it had been on my mind ever since I interviewed Jana in Edinburgh the other week but in spite of the fact I’ve met quite a few vampires over the last month, the idea of being surrounded by them made me a little uneasy. It felt as if I was crossing a line in the sand or in this case a line painted in the Debenhams restaurant in the St Enoch Centre. In my case it happened completely by accident when I bumped into Cat and her daughter, Samantha in Debenhams. I was minding my own business as I queued to pay my monthly bill and trying to remember if it was due today or tomorrow. For those who know me best, I’m one of those people who pays bills on the day they’re due or shortly afterwards. A sudden tugging at my sleeve turned out to be Samantha who was in town with Cat for a bit of retail therapy. When they invited me upstairs for a cup of coffee I agreed.
“You spoke to Jana,” Cat stirred her cappuccino thoughtfully.
“And?” Cat looked up at me and raised an eyebrow.
And what? The question was obvious and I admit I felt slightly embarrassed and a wee bit paranoid. Of course Jana would have spoken to Cat about me before and after the interview. Security is a given in the vampire world and I am a relative newcomer to their world. Accorded exclusive access but still kept at arm’s length for now. Jana’s offer had piqued my interest but I was still skirting around the issue until that day in Debenhams and now a woman I’ve come to trust is wanting to know my answer.
“What happens at these Gatherings,” I lower my voice conspiratorially. Read More…




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