Posted by: Alastair Rosie | August 4, 2014

Chapter Six Excerpt: Angel of Mercy

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Some people will always love, some people never lose hope, some people never die…

This excerpt is from The Chronicles of the Grey Raven. Book One, Angel of Mercy, now available on Smashwords and Amazon and Amazon UK


Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

It seems as if I’ve gained a new reader tonight. One of mom’s friends, Sean came around to help me update the software on this laptop as it was his before he sold it to mom. This laptop is running Linux Ubuntu, which is a big change for this Windows girl! While he was downloading updates he was reading the printouts and wants to read more. Like mom he thinks it’s good I get it out of my system. It’s weird that I can talk about it with mom easily but writing about it was different. I guess that’s the artistic part of me, worrying about what people will think of my work, constantly making changes and then changing it all back again. Sean was full of praise though. He’s a detective based here in Glasgow, before that he was a detective in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been a member of Cat’s clan for nearly forty years. He was turned back in the early seventies and spent years living in safe houses and vampire guild halls before he accepted his vampirism.
Sean understands the clan loyalties that regulate and control his world. I was a beneficiary of that loyalty by virtue of Cat’s guardianship. Basically, the mortals who’re part of a vampire’s family are automatically accepted as part of the clan even though many will never know it. We moved from New Orleans to Chicago and were instantly surrounded by Cat’s clan and that leads me into this next excerpt.
I’ve been to quite a few American cities. but two are my favorites. The first is New Orleans, for obvious reasons. I was heartbroken when Hurricane Katrina devastated it. So was Elizabeth, she contributed a few million dollars for aid and we sat together in a big warehouse with volunteers to pack essential items. My second favorite city would be Chicago although if I’m honest, they’re level pegging it. If New Orleans was where I spent my formative years, Chicago was where I matured. We lived in Highland Park and Elizabeth opened the door to her very private world by giving us an open invitation to visit whenever and so I spent many many days and nights with either Elizabeth or Melanie.

When my stepmom’s plane went down a part of me died, Cat was my world. In her place she left us to her friends, the Grey Ravens. Over the years I slowly came to realise her death was a mere facade. When we were reunited I learned the truth about Clan Grey Raven and her remarkable history. Some people will always love. Some people never lose hope. Some people never die…
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