Posted by: Alastair Rosie | August 4, 2014

Gaza: Will this be the final straw or final solution?

Enough talking and more action. Boycott this rogue nation of bigots and racists.


After the “harsh words” of shock and condemnation that Israel, once again, attacked an URWA school (that transmitted its precise coordinates 33 times to “Israel’s” authorities), will there be action? The Secretary-General of the UN called it “another blatant violation of international humanitarian law” which clearly means that the other violations are not only known but recognised. The Secretary-General has the power and authority to refer a case to the International Criminal Court, but will he? Will the Americans veto another Security Council resolution on behalf of their client state? And what about the ‘final solution’ being spouted by Ministers of “Israel’s” parliament for Palestinians in Gaza? In the totality, the world must unite to stop this genocidal, rogue state.

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