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Chapter Twelve Excerpt – Angel of Mercy

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Some people will always love, some people never lose hope, some people never die…

This excerpt is from The Chronicles of the Grey Raven. Book One, Angel of Mercy, now available on Smashwords and Amazon and Amazon UK


Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

I took Sven into town today seeing as I’ve got a day off my classes. I think I’ve actually worn him out, I was on a mission to find a chain for Cat’s pendant. I found plenty of silver chains and gold but it wasn’t until late morning I finally found one that was within my budget. After that of course there were more things to buy. He declared to all and sundry when we got home that standing in a shield wall wasn’t half as tiring as going shopping with a woman. Cat laughed out loud but she loved the chain. He brought her a new pewter raven head from Chicago with the date she was turned on the underside. She has a few raven heads, pendants and rings, even belt buckles but this was a special one from Elizabeth and that brings me to the subject of the Clan of the Grey Raven.
One thing that did stand out plain as day was the fact that all of Cat’s friends in Chicago wore the image of a bird most of the time. When I first noticed a bird pendant worn by Anna she said it was a grey raven. It wasn’t long after we’d moved to Chicago and I asked why she wore it.
“It signifies membership of our little club.”
The club was mentioned now and then but other subjects soon took over. However as I got older the club of the Grey Raven was mentioned more and more in general conversation. I once asked dad about it and he said it was all to do with charity work. “They do a lot for people who have less from what I understand.” But it wasn’t until I was in my sophomore year at college that I learned more about it. Melanie told me it was a small club with members all over the world that reached out to others less fortunate than themselves. When I asked if it had anything to do with the Masons she laughed.
“I should think not, it’s considerably older than the Freemasons.”
“How much older?” I wanted to know.
“Much older,” she leaned on her palm, “we look out for each others’ needs, Cat was a fully paid up member of the Grey Raven and by virtue of the fact she was your stepmom, you are eligible to apply for membership.”

When my stepmom’s plane went down a part of me died, Cat was my world. In her place she left us to her friends, the Grey Ravens. Over the years I slowly came to realise her death was a mere facade. When we were reunited I learned the truth about Clan Grey Raven and her remarkable history. Some people will always love. Some people never lose hope. Some people never die…
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This excerpt is from The Chronicles of the Grey Raven. Book One, Angel of Mercy, now available on Smashwords and Amazon and Amazon UK


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