Posted by: Alastair Rosie | August 16, 2014

Morganna – The Grey Queen Interviews

Her official title is Queen of the Grey Ravens or more simply, the Grey Queen and while she accepts the title, Morganna still raises an elegantly sculptured eyebrow when I address her by her full title.
Morganna: It’s Morganna if we’re talking vampire business and Melanie Nolan to the outside world. The title does imply power and authority, I admit that but power comes from the clan I serve. I suppose servant queen might be a more palatable title but I prefer Morganna.
What do you mean by serving your people?
Morganna: It’s both literal and figurative. With some fifteen hundred members and three times that amount of mortal members it’s obviously impossible to attend to each and every member but wherever I go I’m in contact with members. I listen to their concerns and try my best to implement changes where I can see it’s going to benefit the clan. Leadership is very much about leading by consensus and popular opinion.
So it’s democratic?
Morganna: Very much so. I was a great admirer of the early Greek democracy, the Romans did borrow it but then meshed it with the concept of the god kings of Egypt. They were very much enamoured by the culture of Egypt, they sensed it was far far older than their civilisation and incorporated that into their society. Ultimately though it was a flawed arrangement because men are fickle creatures and when a god king makes too many mistakes he too can be killed. When Julius set himself up as a dictator he was drawing on the idea of the Egyptian god kings and when he was assassinated he discovered to his shock perhaps that god kings are still mortal.
You were there when he was murdered I believ
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