Posted by: Alastair Rosie | September 11, 2014

Chapter Eighteen: Angel of Mercy

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Some people will always love, some people never lose hope, some people never die…

This excerpt is from The Chronicles of the Grey Raven. Book One, Angel of Mercy, now available on Smashwords and Amazon and Amazon UK


Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

This is the end of my part of the story but it’s not the end of the tale. Mom has agreed to tell of how she met her first vampires way back in 1292 so I’m keen to read her excerpts. It will be a relief not to have my excerpts read by others. In some ways I’ve felt a little exposed. My journey to the heart of the vampire world was an odd one. I was totally unaware until the very last moment that these people actually existed. I recall watching Interview With a Vampire years ago with mom and thinking Brad Pitt was just too cool for words and on that she agreed whole heartedly but she also thought the movie silly.
“Spending your nights sleeping in a coffin is plain daft. If you want to stay hidden from mortals for centuries then sleeping in a coffin is not the way to go about it. Humans are curious creatures by nature.”
It was an off the cuff statement I’ve only just remembered and I suppose I could always go back and put it where it belongs in this journal, but I’ll leave it here for now because it illustrates the difference between the real vampires and the vampires of popular fiction. The vampires I know helped raise me and not once did I ever suspect they were vampires. They were my closest friends, the ones I turned to for all kinds of answers, from basic math through to the deeper things in life. Melanie has spoken to me many times since and each time I get off the phone I feel as if I’ve grown a little more. She has a depth to her personality that is timeless and yet continually refreshing itself. The night we were reunited I asked mom how it was she could live so long without giving way to despondency.
“Love,” she replied, “love for each other and love for those about us.”

When my stepmom’s plane went down a part of me died, Cat was my world. In her place she left us to her friends, the Grey Ravens. Over the years I slowly came to realise her death was a mere facade. When we were reunited I learned the truth about Clan Grey Raven and her remarkable history. Some people will always love. Some people never lose hope. Some people never die…


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